The Reasons Of Christianity And The Crusades

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During the 11th and 12th centuries, the Christian nations held most of Europe, and Muslim advances had been stopped for the most part. The only nation that remained threatened by the Arab advances were the Byzantines. This threat to the Byzantine Empire sparked the Crusades, a series of military campaigns with the purpose of recapturing Christian holy sites. These campaigns gave more power to the Pope, and the campaign also gave more power to the Christian nations that participated. The primary reason the Europeans joined the Crusades was religious motivation and the will to drive Muslims out of the Holy Land. The Europeans believed that spreading Christianity and driving Muslims out of the Holy Land was justified by God. First, the Pope claimed that the sins of those who participated in the Crusades would be pardoned by God. With this motivation in my mind, many Christians joined the Crusades. Second, a …show more content…
First, as Christianity spread to new areas, it linked nations under the “Peace of God.” Nations previously bitter towards one another were now unified under the common goal to spread Christianity and drive Muslims out of the Holy Land. Second, the rest of the world now knew that the Pope could call upon a massive army in a very short period of time. By showing the rest of the world the capabilities of the Christian nations, it was less likely that another series of military campaigns similar to the Crusades would begin. Third, the Christian nations and the Pope gained control over important land in the Middle East. By doing this, the Christian nations regained their Holy Land, strengthening Christianity. The strength that the Pope gained during this time period explains why the Papacy was so important later in history. The power that the Pope gained during the Crusades continued to be relevant for the next hundred

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