The Reasons For The War Of Syria Essay

1428 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
Europe is getting flooded with people from different continents. It is becoming a problem because most of these people are coming over illegally and Europe doesn’t have the space for all of these people. So, where are these people coming from, why are they coming, and what caused them to all come at the same time? Most of the people coming into Europe are coming from Syria. There are a number of reasons why these people are coming, the main reason being the war in Syria. This war is making it very dangerous for civilians to live there, so they originally fled to a nearby country hoping that once the war ended they’d be able to move back. However, the war has been going on for so long that most of the Syrians are giving up hope and trying to move further away so that their families are safe. Some people are forced to move far away because they are too poor to afford rent for houses in neighboring countries, and Europe advertises that they are very welcoming to all. Europe is getting worried with all of the people coming from Syria that they are thinking of limiting the number of people that come through the border. By the looks of how things are going, the only way to stop all of these people from coming into Europe is to end the war, but it doesn’t look like the war is going to end any time soon so Europe is trying to create more jobs for all of these refugees so that they can stay in Europe. Even though they are running out of room, Germany has announced that they…

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