The Reason For The Creation And Evolution Of All Things Essay

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The reason for the creation and evolution of all things is still show that baffles scientist and philosophers around the world. Questions are asked in the end yet only a selected few are answered furthermore even if the answer is clear; it only widens the space for new questions to surface. Some scientist and philosopher believe in the widely popular idea of Natural Selection. This idea originated from the scientist Charles Darwin. The idea of Natural Selection stems from the belief that those with a more dominant characteristics, or features, that help them strive in the wilderness tend to leave these traits behind for the next generation; while the characteristics that causes the survival rate to drop will die out. Another method in which certain scientist and philosopher believe in is Creationism and Intelligent design. The idea of Creationism gain its basis from the Bible, they believe that all creations stemmed from a literal translation of the book of Genesis in which God created the universe and gave the fundamental laws of the world a meaning. Many may think Creationism and Intelligent design are similar but in truth they are quite different. On contrary to Creationism, Intelligent design gains their basis of knowledge from hard proof facts. Intelligent design bases their knowledge on the known facts and expands the ideas further producing the answered they need. Even though Creationism and Intelligent design have some theories and ideals to help back those up their…

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