Who Is Charles Darwin A Reductionist?

In the book On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin talks about how he doesn’t believe in an internal vital force with living beings. This statement technically makes Darwin a reductionist. Charles Darwin had a great mind and great minds like his change the game for critical thinking for such successive historical points in time. What is most dependent on modern thought is the many influences of Charles Darwin himself; Charles Darwin is known for his many diverse accomplishments. In fact, his thoughts and ideas were so diverse that his accomplishments were divided up into three fields to which he made major contributions to. These three fields consist of the philosophy of science, evolutionary biology, and the modern zeitgeist. Charles Darwin …show more content…
The chicken or the egg?” Was Frankenstein’s creation a monster to begin with? Or perhaps he was molded into am monster because of the way he was treated? The ultimate question of Nature vs. Nurture.
This parable correlates into our everyday society in a way for the question of nature vs. nurture is still very alive to this day. We get much of our social identity from those that throw labels on us and mold us to be who we are today. An example of those people may be our friends, family, and even teachers. Our own views of our own disabilities, race, religion, sexuality, sex, and so many other things are formed from inside ourselves but influenced greatly from the outside as we mature.
An example of this relates to my life. I grew up in a society where everyone needs to follow these theoretical “laws” of gender norms. Whenever I was truly upset growing up, I was told to suck it up and “be a man.” The perception of the male gender was to be tough and strong. This had me believe that in order to be accepted into the society, I had to reframe from expressing weak emotions such as sadness and desensitize most feelings in general. Whenever I would get sad or emotional my father would be very critical about it and would shut me down for he had no apathy for anything I had to say anymore. This, in a way, made me feel like a monster, an outcast. Regardless of the fact that the male and female brain are almost completely identical,
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Over The theory of evolution has evolved with more in-depth studies creating what we know today as evolution. However, Darwin’s thoughts brought a fundamental shift in how the comprehension of biology was understood through his thoughts and ideas on natural selection. Natural selection itself has brought many breakthroughs in our modern comprehension of everything from disease control to computer science!

Social Darwinism is a form of Darwinism that has been misused to bolster racist arguments. A prime example of this was the Nazi policy of eugenics executed during the Holocaust. The theory of evolution doesn’t bring answers to moral questions. It is but information that led to large leap in scientific history.
Darwin is a historic character in the history of science. His ideas that generated natural selection are the go to for modern evolutionary studies and provides a basis for scientists to better understand biology. The most interestingly significant thing about Darwin’s achievements is how far ahead of his time he was. With no understanding of genetics, Darwin formulated his theory. There is no doubt that Charles Darwin was a brilliant man and arguably contributed some of the most important information to science recorded to

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