Essay On Charles Darwin's Theory Of Evolution

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When talking about evolution, people generally think of Charles Darwin as the originator or “father” of evolution. Even though Darwin may have opened the door for evolution and proved his hypothesis to be correct through his experiments, he had been influenced by many scientists before him. Although Darwin’s theory of natural selection is considered legitimate, there are many other theories to be equitable as well, much like the inheritance of acquired characteristics.
Charles Darwin’s notorious theory of natural selection started on his voyage aboard the HMS Beagle, which was a five year trip around the world. It was during this voyage that Darwin had discovered different kinds of species and fossils of extinct animals, collections of reptile specimens, and the many unique type of finches, primarily on his stay on the Galapagos Islands. Darwin had discovered that these finches looked different than the others on each island on the Galapagos Islands. Darwin had discovered that these finches had different shapes and sized
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Lamarck’s influential theory of the Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics Theory is described by Richard W. Burkhardt in his article Jean- Baptiste Lamarck, stating that “responding to different environments, adopted new habits. Their new habits caused them to use some organs more and some organs less, which resulted in the strengthening of the former and the weakening of the latter.” Lamarck also describes evolution as animals being capable of adapting to its surroundings to make sure extinction does not occur. Scenario A best resembles Lamarck’s theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics. Similar to that of Lamarck’s discovery of the growth of the giraffe necks, Scenario A describes that the bird’s hatchlings had longer legs than the previous generation and this trend continued due to the environment in which they

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