The Evolution Of Darwin's Theory Of Evolution By Natural Selection

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In this universe there have been many theories on how our world came to what it is today, but there was one man who had it figured out. Charles Darwin was a naturalist and geologist, he changed the world with his theory of natural selection and how everything evolves. When Darwin finished his voyage he put his theory out there to the world, taking the risk of knowing the aftermath might not be so good. The theory of evolution by natural selection was created by Charles Darwin in 1836. Darwin believed that natural selection is how “new species evolve from earlier species.” His theory was that organisms could change overtime including the physical and behavioral traits, and as a result of changes help these organisms adapt to its environment.
Darwin began his discoveries aboard The HMS Beagle; he was a naturalist
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This book held twenty – five years’ worth of information in this book and once he published his book it received attention quickly, leading to many debates. (De Camp 148). Darwin became exhausted and became ill once his book was published and there was outburst, it continued on for many years. 19 April 1882, Charles Darwin died, soon after people started to accept his theory. Some scientist living in the 1800s believes that species didn’t become extinct; they believed that any species created still inhabited the planet (Gallant 4). Darwin’s theory was well supported by the changes in many species, leading to scientist finding more data to support his theory. Among his idea that organisms are always changing all the time, he saw natural selection as the key to evolution. Darwin’s theories were not always accepted, but his ideas still created the base of evolution in the scientific community (Paschke

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