Genetic Material Or DNA: The Museum Of The Future

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What is Biology?

Biology is the study of all living organisms. This particular type of science has been divided into many specialized fields, one of those fields being genetics. Geneticists use the information they collect to help decide traits that are passed on. Meaning, they study how and why organisms end up with blue eyes color or cancer.

What is the role of the genetic material?

Genetic material or DNA provides the blueprint for all living organisms. Museum of the Future, (N.D.)

Genetics is undoubtedly responsible for the biological makeup, of all organisms, but this wasn’t always the case. Prior to that era, DNA was nothing more than just an idea on paper. It was unheard to believe that anything other than a creator put all organisms here. It was not until the 1950’s, that DNA became something of substance. There were many who claimed that there was more to the make-up of all living organisms, but there was no concrete proof. Science was saying that a single chemical molecule, held all the information needed to build an entire organism.

As you go through this timeline, you will be able to figure that there were many key players in the discovery of DNA.

Charles Darwin is known for his belief that all living things are the result of natural selection and how they evolved or changed over time. We now call this process
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This area was continually shuffled around until 1793 eventually ending up in the hands of the Russian empire, becoming highly populated with Jewish people. Until the early 1900’s the Jews where they were killed off by a Russian movement that led to the Polish- Russian war. In 1921, it became the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. The idea of a nuclear power plant was not on the agenda for another 56 years. There were about 50,000 people in the immediate area with another 200,000, within a 20-mile radius. Willis, C.

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