The Reason Behind Socrates ' Death Sentence Essay

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In his dialogue Crito, Plato discusses the idea of justice while writing about his former teacher and friend Socrates. Similar to his other works, Crito centers around Socrates, and his thoughts and philosophies. To truly understand what Plato was writing about in Crito is important to understand the reasons behind Socrates’ death sentence. Socrates was a man of thought, and much of the time there was both a lesson and a reason behind his actions. When Socrates first appeared on philosophical scene in Athens, philosophy was undergoing some big changes. Up until around 450 B.C., philosophers were mostly interested in understanding the physical world around them, and the nature of the world in which they lived. Gradually, this interest shifted more towards humans, and philosophers began mulling over the idea of self and one’s place in the world. Socrates was amongst the first philosophers to explore this new field of thought. He actively went out into the world trying to figure out humanity, and the individual by creating a discourse with his fellow Athenians. He met with people in public places and he would project his ideas to his many students. He took the time to get the opinions of others, and actively tried to get people to listen to their common senses. When people disagreed with his ideas, Socrates would use reason and question them in a way that would cause them to rethink their original opinions. He wanted to help people understand the world and to really…

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