The Realm Of Music Essay

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The realm of music has no boundaries. It could be inspiring, empowering, and even mind developing and self motivating. For me, music empowered me through the toughest times and been my number one workout buddy for years. For most of us, music is a part of our lives from the first day upon existence. Actively, people dance or get emotionally moved by music, but on a deeper level brains react to music differently and provoke a contrasting and wide range of emotions. In fact, with time and practice music refines and betters skills, and strengthens brain vs body coordination. Moreover, music is an instant indicator and reflector of our moods and personalities. Every genre of music is a realm of its own. It is common knowledge that one can get to know a person by learning about their music preference. In this essay I will demonstrate how music shape human beings behavior, explain its role in developing our personalities and our senses. I will also exhibit the many benefits of music, and articulate about the ways music inspire, enhance and empower the brain.

Music influences people 's identities and shapes them immensely. The best example to this can be the rap listeners who eventually start dressing themselves as the rap singers and end up talking using the same dialect. The reason that this occurs is caused
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Inspirational motivational music is capable of saving lives, meditation music is always calming and soothing while rap always makes a statement. Our minds expand and develop by the simple merits of musical intellegence. The notion of few instruments harmonizing together making an array of boundless sounds. It is incredible how these sounds is capable of transporting us from one realm to the other, affect our personalities and inspire our beings into higher worlds. The way music highlights and enhance our neurons is a reason for music to continue becoming a real developer of the whole

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