The Reality Of Television Shows Essay

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Over the last couple of years reality tv shows have particularly shifted to a more viewer engaged format. Competitive reality shows specifically have a lot of viewer interaction. This is because producers often use viewers in these competition based reality tv shows as elements of the competition Another, one of the many motivations in cultivating a sense of viewer interaction is to ensure that a show has a dedicated group of viewers. The theory is that viewers are more likely to continue to watch a show if they know that their views and concerns are contributing in cultivating the show’s outcome. The interaction particularly went on the rise as a result of the introduction of new technologies that has made it easier for viewers to directly interact with the makers of their favorite television shows. Interest in this relationship arose among scholars as a result of the growing formats circulating promoting viewer interaction. Scholars also note that this interaction has a tendency to be demonstrated across a digital medium. Thus, while how in the past reality tv was viewed as a single entity, scholars agree that reality tv has shifted into a dual focus because of the rise of viewer interaction reality tv.
Many researchers agree that it was around the early 2000s when reality tv shifted to a more viewer engaged format. Mathijs of the University of British Columbia and Hessels of Vesalius College found that Big Brother as a result to the social change around the mid 2000s…

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