The Reality Of Television Programs Essay

727 Words Oct 10th, 2015 3 Pages
Reality TV Programs The mass media by shaping viewer’s behaviors, believes and values has undeniably a great influence on today’s society. For many, television is a prime source of information and entertainment. Since late 90’s reality TV programs became one of the most popular genres of television programming. RTV creators gave an average person plenty to choose, from teenage moms struggles, people searching for a “true” love to those with serious issues like mental diseases and addictions. Francine Prose asks: “What might future anthropologists…conclude about our world if [reality] programs constituted their primary source of information?” (268). I believe they would question the intelligence and morals of the generation, because those shows mostly promote degrading, offensive and dumb behavior. In addition, the participants lack of remorse, empathy and would do anything to win given competition or become wealthy and famous. Their shallow personalities, dysfunctional relations and self-destruction might negatively influence many, especially the youth. In this essay, I would like present few shows in order to explain why RTV’s content would create such a negative picture of the world. “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” presents life of Kardashian/ Jenner family that spends a great deal of time and money on appearance, with a consequent rise in fame and popularity. The series mainly focuses on Kim, who became famous due to her sex tape and curvaceous body shape.…

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