The Reality Of Climate Change Essay

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The Reality Of Climate Change

What is the difference between ice and water? Ice water is 34 degrees Fahrenheit, and yet it is still a liquid. This is because the water is warming, not cooling. The water in the artic is doing the same thing because of climate change. Climate change is what happens when the thermal energy from the sun enters the Earth 's atmosphere faster than it can leave, or vice versa. People has caused the Earth 's climate to rise, but with some effort, we can slow, stop, and even reverse these changes by living cleaner and greener.

Climate change is caused by humans. One of the climate changing factors introduced by humans is greenhouse gases. Scientists at NASA have proven that greenhouse gases changed the temperature of the Earth through climate models where one model includes the rise in greenhouse gases from people and the other model doesn’t. The scientists weren 't able to recreate the climate trend on the model without the greenhouse gases ("A Blanket Around Earth"). Another cause of climate change is clear cutting trees to make room for pavement to be laid down. This poses two problems. The first problem is when the trees are cut down. This removes shade from areas and prevents plants from collecting cooling dews on their leaves, making those areas hotter, and the trees can no longer convert CO2 (a greenhouse gas) in to oxygen. The other problem is that oftentimes after the trees are cleared, people put asphalt or concrete where they used to…

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