The Reality Of Casting Shows Not Based On Race Essay

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Theater in America is viewed as whitewashed, which I believe to be true. Yet, I ponder the reality of casting shows not based on race. Many shows are written depicting an historical event or using stereotypical characters to express their influence in the world around them. “Colorblind casting is an aberrant idea that has never had any validity other than as a tool of the Cultural Imperialists who view American culture, rooted in the icons of European culture, as beyond reproach in its perfection.” (Wilson The Ground On Which I Stand) August Wilson’s believes that color blind casting should not exist in the theater, where he further theorizes the importance of staying true to the point of interest of the author by determining the race correctness of the show written. I disagree with Mister Wilson’s theory based on the knowledge of theater I have that opposes his arguments and highlights the importance of diversity and equality in any show written. Throughout my time observing and performing in the theater, I have personally experienced many examples of colorblind casting. Some instances could be frowned upon, but others offer good samples of how color blind casting could be a positive practice. “The difference between blindness and consciousness is that the latter spotlights diversity as providing added value for the performance.” ( Young 59) In the novel Theatre & Race, Harvey Young expresses Wilson’s support of color-blind casting. The book also gives examples of such…

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