The Reality Of Beauty Pageants Essay

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When someone thinks of the word competition what’s the very first thing that comes to to a person’s head? Many people may think of Sports, scholastics, and maybe even Beauty Pageants. As the evolution of beauty pageants changing over time. Many people have gravitated to participating in these competition to gain something out of it whether that be to form a new friendship with the contestants or maybe even just to gain the crown and glory.Even though pageants’ are supposedly created to enhance self-confidence. The way that the contestants are judged is solely based upon looks of the participants and hence, is a very superficial contest.
These pageants competitions are considered to be superficial because of all the glitz and makeup that is involved, but ever since the year of “nineteen- twenty one in an effort to lure tourist to stay past Labor day, Atlantic City organizers staged the first Miss America Pageant in September”. (Houk, Jeanne n.d) Young women and even children have been coming back to compete in these pageants ever since the pageants were created they were intended to be focused on “democracy and class, art and commerce, gender and sex –and started a tradition that would grow throughout the century to come”. (Houk, Jeanne n.d) However nowadays there are television shows that show a negative light on pageantry in general. Like the popular shows “Toddler & Tiara’s” and “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” that both air on Tender Loving Care (TLC).The impression these…

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