The Real Reason Essay

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The Real Reason

The Real Reason
Video Game Violence has been a controversial topic for many years, Beginning with the simple, classic games like Pac-Man, Centipede and Street Fighter, And continuing today with the more modern games like the Grand Theft Auto series and the Call of Duty series. Adults naturally want to blame something or someone when the violent situations happens. Many factor can be attributed to why a teen or child has committed a crime and people seem to want to steer the focus on video games. There are a lot more factors that play into that like bullying, lifestyle, or the environment they live in. Video games play a small part in the development of child behavior. Creators of video games and
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Were adults get mixed up about video games and violence is in the definition and how they see it. “Studies show that when children and young adults play violent video games their aggressive behavior increases. 59% of fourth grade girls and 73% of fourth grade boys say that the majority of their favorite video games are violent” (Anderson, 2001). Violence doesn’t have a specific definition that is set to tell anyone what exactly is violence. Violence is the unlawful exercise of physical force or intimidation by the exhibition of such force. Most kids love superheroes, there room is filled with Superman, Batman, and Ironman etc. They beg their parents for the new batman game that is filled with beating up bad guys and saving the world or a girl, is this labeled as violence? This has nothing to do with a child going on a killing spree at school because students are picking on him. Games with real violence are games like the GTA series. This specific type of game includes sex, drugs, money and violence. In order to purchase a game with explicit content the age limit is 18 and the child’s parent age have to be present in the purchase. Many games have parental control that allows user to control and change the game to their liking. Some examples Of this control would be able to enable or disable certain things within the game like

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