The Real Meaning Of Meditation Essay

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The Real Meaning of Meditation Meditation is not only bald guys wearing orange-ish red robes sitting in silence in pray like manner with crossed legs closed eyes and their hands on their laps or knees with their fingers in weird shades. Each person does it in some way or some form, but don’t realize what they are actually doing, to them it might just be relaxing or even a means of exercise. The environment around the meditator is not limited to a Zen garden with Buddha statues and Koi fish, but it may be as simple as your own living room, bedroom, backyard, top of the mountains, temples, riverbanks. Consequently, the dictionary definition does not do meditation justice, continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation; the act or process of spending time in quiet thought ("The Definition of Meditation."). Therefore, the definition of meditation must be reevaluated to a more sufficient meaning, because it’s more than what the above definition states and needs to be recognized as such. Meditation must be considered as the practice of finding peace to feel-good or finding oneself to become aware or spiritual enlightened, through concentration in some physical or in most cases, mental aspects using senses such as sound, touch, smell, and visual.
The existence of meditation began thousands of years, and meditation has evolve into various technics and practices. Scientist obtain evidence of meditation over 5,000 years ago although it was never recorded as meditation,…

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