Roy Hobbs Characters In The Natural

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Who do you think about when you think of a great fictional baseball players? Is it Billy Chapel? Is it Rick “the Wild Thing” Vaughn? Is Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez? You might think it is one of those guys, however, you are wrong. The greatest fictional baseball character is Roy Hobbs. Roy Hobbs is character from the novel The Natural, which was later turned into a movie starring Robert Redford. Over the course of The Natural, Hobbs has to overcome life issues, relationship issues, and the issues are he faced on the baseball field.
Roy Hobbs deals with a lot of life issues throughout the novel and movie. Some of the major issues that he deals with are that he was shot, how he offered a bribe to lose games and the death of a mentor. During Hobbs first tryout,
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Hobbs had to deal with all them throughout the novel and movie. When Hobbs first came to the New York Knights, his teammates played jokes on him by taking his lucky bat and stuff. That usually happens with any kind sports when the veterans of the team play pranks on the rookies or the young guys. It kind of rookie hazing in a fun way and not the way where players can get in trouble with the law. Bump Bailey was the guy in the New York Knights clubhouse who was the one who played the pranks. However, Bailey doesn 't like when he was taken out of the game since it gave Roy a chance to prove himself. Then Bailey decides to give it his all on a fly ball to right field where he would end crashing into the wall which would end up killing him. Hobbs would go to replace Bailey in right field and take his girlfriend Memo Paris, who Hobbs falls in love with. However, when Hobbs was with Memo, his performance on the field took a turn for the worst. Hobbs hitless streak ends when a woman named Iris Lemon or Gaines stands up and somehow Roy gets a hit. Roy and Iris have a real connection but he choose Memo over

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