The Rate Of Suicide Among Adolescents Essay

1986 Words May 23rd, 2016 null Page
The world is constantly changing and resolving issues around the world, but some problems remained the same over the years. An issue that the U.S. is facing is the increased rate of adolescent suicide over the last decade. People believe that suicide occurs through bullying, depression, and feeling immensely overwhelmed and suicide is the only escape out of it. Researcher David Miller associates the rate of suicide among adolescents occurs by two prominent reasons that are mental illness and past suicidal behavior. Being at a certain demographic of age, sex, and sexual orientation also affects the likelihood of suicide. With the issue of adolescent suicide increasing from a decade ago “It is the second leading cause of death among in people young people ages 10 to 24 in the world”(Miller 2). The consequence of suicide is detrimental and the effects people involved in that person lives like friends and family who often suffer psychological damage. With this issue becoming more detrimental to this country being able to identify behavior and risk factors are essential to prevent suicide from occurring. Being able to identify suicidal behavior is one of the step necessary to prevent suicide from occurring. Recognizing suicide behavior can prevent “A significant majority of the adolescents who attempt or die by suicide, perhaps as much as 80%, are preceded by threats or warnings”(Miller 5). Majority of people before suicide often present themselves with suicidal…

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