Essay on The Rad Model Of Teaching

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When you think about all of the organs that are part of the body, it is hard to find one that is as fascinating and complex than the human brain. The more that is known about the brain helps us understand how our students learn. The RAD model of teaching was developed by neurologist and teacher, Dr. Judy Willis (Laureate Education, Inc., 2009m). The letters that make up the word RAD mean something. For example, the “R” stands for reticular activating, which involves thinking and learning, the “A” stands for the amygdala, which is the center for emotions, and the “D” stands for dopamine, which is released in the brain by pleasure and causes feelings of pleasure (Laureate Education, Inc. 2009m). I put a lesson together under the RAD model, and it was for my senior students in my advanced wiring class. My advanced students are preparing for a career as an electrical apprentice after graduation, so the lesson needs to real, authentic, and meaningful. The lesson I developed involved drawing an electrical branch circuit found in a residential dwelling and then have them wire the circuit. The circuit consisted of two three-way switches, one light, and a receptacle. A lesson of this magnitude is very challenging, and students will use their critical thinking skills in wiring the circuit, so it functions accordingly and is within code. The RAD model works perfectly for my students because of all the physical movement that is involved. The RAD model creates a safe learning…

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