RSI Model Summary

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The RSI model functions in streamlining the organizational structure in such a way that the overlaps and redundancies in the structure are eliminated (Osterwalder, 2013). In our model, the chief principal managers will be responsible in evaluating the performance of the employees and therefore promoting and demoting the staff. They will be assisted by the assistant managers who will hire the staff. The publishing of findings will be done by the business unit heads who will be assisted by the team leaders. Collection of data will be done by the teams and it the compliance advisors who will be consulted. The recording of the data will be done by the team leaders who will consult the compliance officers. They therefore need to be informed on research. …show more content…
It will be calculated by the budgeted hours against the actual time taken to perform a given task. This will look at the team productivity and efficiency. Through using this metric therefore, the provide a greater insight which will help the new company to make better decisions in hiring new staff for example the assistant principal. The assessment of the metric will be through tracking the job done by each employee per year. The performance will therefore be assessed through conducting team assessment. The team assessments will provide in depth evaluation of the team’s ability to meet the goals and also identify the challenges they are likely to face. For example it will help to see if the teams will be able to attend the offences within 1-2 hours as stipulated in the …show more content…
This is because with good working environment, they will be able to perform their tasks efficiently and therefore reduce the bullying cases in schools.

c) The cash flow metric:
According to Vrontis 2013, for any innovation activity, funding is critical in ensuring that there is good performance in any company. This metric will be evaluated by checking the Daily Sales Outstanding. Evaluation using this metric will enable the business to give the average number of days that the company will take to collect all the receivable accounts and the outstanding payments. It will ensure that the set charges for each investigation on bullying cases are clearly accounted for. With adequate funds, the research on the consistency of bullying in schools will be accomplished.
In conclusion, the performance measures are used for the quality improvement of the process in addition to monitoring and evaluating how the cases involving bullying of students in the schools are handled. Through application of these measures therefore, we shall be able to understand how the managed care plans use the performance measures in the identification of strengths and weaknesses in analysis of bulling

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