The Quest Of Education : An Arduous Task Essay

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The profound philosopher and scientist Aristotle know for his contributions to society and the study of humans proclaims “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”. (Aristotle 320 BC). Through Aristotle, one can understand that education is vital to the success of humans and education is an arduous task, that often enough discourages many people, but reaches an equilibrium point of benefit’s. The quest of education, is a journey that leads to the demise of many, as society advances the quest only then becomes more prominent in the survival of t human’s success in our world.
The society we have established has become one that, is dependent on education in order to attain success, to thrive and to flourish which has allowed students to become more successful. With more options to succeed, it has allowed students to smite the challenges of education, and achieve success through programs such as Pathway to Success allowing students to test drive their aspirations of their future job “Job Futures is a career tool to help you plan for your future. It provides useful information about 226 occupational groups and describes the work experiences of recent graduates from 155 programs of study.” (What Are My Opportunities, n.d.). The Job Feature program is one of the many readily available to students, the advances in technology have allowed programs to give opportunities and experience in a fast, efficient way, empowering students to gain an education while still…

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