Essay on The Quest For The True Meaning Of Life

878 Words Nov 27th, 2016 4 Pages
Spirituality is a very broad concept that houses room for many opinions and perspectives.
Most people, however, can agree that in general spirituality is the search for a higher power and the quest for the true meaning of life. Throughout this essay we will explore Katie’s journey to find her spirituality, how she uses it in regards to her daily life now, and how she will use it in her future career as a nurse.
To begin, there are three tools that spirituality requires and those are strength, peace, and security. Katie finds strength in her family. Her family is very united and the love that they have for each other is endless. By having such a strong support system behind her at all times, she is able to focus on other things such as bettering herself as a person, succeeding in all aspects of life, and loving other people the way that she has been shown by her own family. Whenever she is feeling low or needs some added strength to her life, she immediately turns to her family. They pick each other up when one is down which is what makes their bond so strong. Katie finds peace in exercising. If life is getting messy or she just needs to give her brain a break, she uses the movement of her body to find peace. Pushing her body to the limit and letting her brain think of nothing but what she is doing at the moment is truly relaxing and helpful for her well being.
Lastly, Katie finds security in God. Knowing that God allows everything to happen for a reason

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