Essay on The Pursuit Of Educating Students

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While my normal behavior demonstrates the belief that you should treat everyone the way you would like to be treated, I struggle to stay the course with the constant political and environmental pressure that school administrators are subjected to. My personal beliefs force me into many conflicts as I try to demonstrate the loyalty, honesty, and positive leadership these beliefs demand. Supporting teachers in the pursuit of educating students occasionally puts me at odds with parents who don’t agree with the teacher and supporting my student’s rights sometimes creates a conflict with staff members that are upset with the actions of the student. This paradox often describes the life of school administrators as they attempt to please several masters. A perfect example of this inconsistency presents itself when budget cuts cause a school to lose teaching units. Sometimes the teacher unit lost is a good teacher that does not deserve to lose their job, but the administrator cannot prevent it. This is one of the most difficult situations I have ever been involved in during my administrative career because it goes directly against my espoused and demonstrated beliefs. School administrators serve as a mentor for teachers, staff, and students. The most predictable behavior that I exhibit in my daily routine is that I try to create a comfortable, positive, and trusting environment for my staff and students. They know what to expect and I model the type of behavior that is…

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