The Purpose Of Running Records Essay

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The purpose of running records is for teachers to assess their students and observe reading behaviors. Running records determine whether or not a student is ready to move up a level or stay at the same level. It’s an opportunity for teachers to be able to differentiate instruction for students based on their academic needs. It entails the teacher taking notes when the student is orally reading a leveled text. Part one of the reading record is the teacher assessing the student as he or she reads. The teacher looks at three different components error rate, accuracy, and self-correction rate. The accuracy rate helps determine if the book is easy or difficult for the student. If the student has a rate between 95-100% the book is easy enough for independent reading. If the rate is 90-94% the book is suitable for guided reading instruction. If the accuracy rate falls from 89% or below the book level is too difficult for the student to read. The error rate refers to how many errors a student makes based on the number of words read. If a student makes an error while reading, the teachers would analyze the error based on what type of cueing system the student used. The cueing system integrates meaning, syntax, or visual. When a student uses meaning cues the student makes meaning of the txt or context. The student reads and evaluates what he or she had just read. Students who use structural cues (syntax) have an understanding of grammar and structure of the English language. A student…

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