Who Is Montag In Fahrenheit 451

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Ray Bradbury’s novel “Fahrenheit 451” is about a character named Montag and his desire about reading books. Books are illegal and whoever was caught reading books they would get a death penalty and all of their belongings would get burned. While a firefighter opens his eyes and reads a book and he rebels against the aw and runs way as a refugee and him and other people decide to go back to the city as well. IN the beginning Montag, our character is a ruthless person where his purpose is to burn books and he loved fire. He was a very destructive person. As time goes on he gets curious of why people keep disobeying the law and grabs a book at a house and starts hoarding books. He is confused and doesn 't know who to trust, the government or …show more content…
Blake was inside. Before she sets the house on fire, the other firemen tried to get her out of the house, Montag grabbed a book and takes is home. To just see what was so special about the because she wouldn’t leave the house. He seeing the world as something else, like a place of disorder, twisted place, because he finally read a book He gained knowledge and know he realizes that burning books to work and not the right thing to do. For twenty years, Montag has been hoarding books reading them. He goes back to work and has no clue what to do if Cpt. Beatty, the head of the fire department, and starts asking him about books. Montag is feeling something he has never felt before. “My feet”, said Montag. “I can’t move them I feel so damn lazy, my feet won’t move!” (p 106). “Old man” said Montag “stay with me.” (p 107). He developed emotions by reading books. He has become nervous and scared going to his work knowing that reading books are illegal. He talks to Beatty and he is asking him questions and questions, quoting books and asking him how does he feels about this or that. Montag started hoarding books for over 20 years an know is seeing the world as something different. For the first time he is feeling emotions, feeling angry, scared and nervous. He is thinking about to start a rebel clan against the society to read …show more content…
Montag runs away. He takes books and heads to Faber’s house and tells him to go to the trains tracks and head up stream. At this point Montag is scared, panicking because he is also running away from the authorities, He finds the trail and heads up stream and finds the people Faber was mentioning. They had no books, however they were the books. It has come to the point where the people had to remember the books, from beginning to the end to share them and keep them alive Within them. “I am Plato’s Republic. Like to read Marcus Aurelius? Mr. Simmons is Marcus.” (p153). “We are also Matthew, Mark Luke and John.” (p153). They even remembered the bible. Montag is surprised and amazed that these people had to memorise these books and happy that they shared their books with him. They had no books with them to keep in low cover when the police came once in awhile, they had to get rid of the books and they did. They memorized their favorite books and pass it down to generations to generations. Although Montag’s rebellious clan never came true, he found something much more useful. He found people that can remember the books they wanted. He was running away from the police and ran ways from the city. He followed the train tracks that Faber was telling to look for and to head up stream and he’ll find some

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