Essay on The Punishment Should Be Stricter Capital Punishment

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Throughout the course of history, human beings have seemed to have a yearning for their fair organization in their communities. However, as communities evolved into societies there seemed to be a clear division amongst citizens: the law abiders and the criminals. Different societies and cultures eventually assigned punishments to crimes committed that seemed fit to the circumstances, ranging from theft to murder. Many would agree progressive countries in today’s modern world have modified different punishments in correlation to various crimes because of unjust sentencing or the punishment being too harsh altogether. The question is, “Why have heinous crimes today received lighter punishment than in the past?” In medieval times, the punishments for small misdemeanors were entirely too radical and were at the extreme end of the punishment spectrum. Whereas, in today’s world you would get a slap on the wrist for acting out in a despicable and law breaking manner. I believe that throughout the world, in particular the United States of America, should enforce capital punishment only when a law breaker’s action is truly deserving of the maximum penalty: death. In every circumstance, there are at least a minimal of two stances. Many people have condemned capital punishment, as well as praised it. Beccaria (2010), a classical philosopher on the death penalty, heavily critiqued the entire process entailing capital punishment. His key argument is that capital punishment does not…

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