Essay on The Punishment Of The Things That Are Viewed

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I believe that just is retribution for the things that are viewed as wrongful.Justice gives guidelines for just and unjust acts that keep a balance of what 's right from wrong. Allowing us to dish out a punishment that fits the crime of doing unjust acts. defines justice as the quality of being just. A set of moral concepts that set up the fundamental basis for determining just conduct. In my opinion, I believe my opinion and the actual opinion have a lot in common. For example when i mention that justice is retribution for thing viewed as wrongful elicits the question of what 's right and wrong. That allows us to come to a conclusive decision as to what makes an individual just.

Two characters who specifically in my eyes were seen as just are Isabella from measure to measure and Antigone. For example, in measure for measure Isabella proved time and time again her dedication to freeing her brother, Although her brother was convicted of a crime he did actually commit. She was willing to give the most sacred part of her self away to avenge him. Even knowing that she would be harshly judged in such ways that she would unwillingly be giving up that part of herself. Another person who exhibited just behaviors was antigone. Antigone another woman take on the weight of the world due to the men in her life. Antigone chooses to defy her societal norms in order to also avenge her brother. She fought to make aware of the necessary need for change and just…

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