The Public Safety Act Of 2016 Essay

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The Public Safety Act of 2016 was passed during April 2016. The public safety process of becoming an act started in 2014 when Governor Haslam created a special task force. The task force is composed of 250 stakeholders from Tennessee from different organizations. The stakeholders include district attorneys, legislators, judges, public defenders, state agency commissioners, mayors, victim rights activists, treatment providers, sheriffs, religious leaders, and representatives. The task force goals focused on sentencing and recidivism to reduce crime and to improve the public safety in Tennessee. Governor Haslam created a plan from reports on gathered from the task force. The Public Safety Act was developed after the reports were reviewed by the Governor’s Public Safety Subcabinet.
This act has changed some of the provisions of the crime committed and the sentencing for the listed crimes in this act. This act lists several key components with some major changes. One on the key components of the bill addresses domestic violence. According to Federal Bureau of Investigation, the violent crime rate for the 2014 was 608.4 per 100,000 which is a 17.8 increase from the year 2013. From this report, the act formed new recommendations for how a domestic assault case will be handled. The law enforcement officers can issue an automatic order of protection for the victim if the alleged assailant used or attempted deadly force. The act will also allow for the third conviction of…

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