The Psychology Of The Nervous System Essay example

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It can be hard to grasp what biology and psychology could possibly have in common. However, once you think about how “the ultimate purpose of the nervous system is to produce and control behavior” (Pinel, 2014, p. 4), the significant role that biopsychology has becomes apparent. Neuroscience and biopsychology have an intertwined relationship with one another. Neuroscience is the all-encompassing study of the nervous system and how each aspect interacts with the others. Biopsychology is a very important facet of neuroscience. It focuses on studying the biology of behavior. Biopsychologists bring a fount of knowledge to the neuroscience field, ranging from their experience with methodical research to their intimate understanding of behavior. Biopsychology is a young concept, originated by D. O. Hebb in the 1940s. Hebb asked the important question of how thought was produced. His studies sought to prove the biological basis on which emotions, perception and memories are created. His method of study used real-life observations and controlled experiments, both on humans and animals. Biopsychology uses several methods of research. The researcher must measure each method in terms of strength and practicality, then choose which makes the most sense. Studying human and non-human subjects each has its own advantages and drawbacks. Humans have the ability to communicate their thoughts and experiences and can follow the instructions of the researcher. They are also less expensive…

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