Essay about The Psychological Benefits Of Yoga

729 Words May 13th, 2016 3 Pages
For my project I plan on explaining the psychological benefits of doing yoga daily, and just how much positivity it can bring into someone’s life. Furthermore, I plan on doing yoga for a maximum of seven days for twenty minutes to understand how yoga is beneficial to everyday life. Second, I plan on using online resources to comprehend the exact benefits that yoga has been known to cause. I am doing this project about yoga because in everyday life I am constantly stressed out, and I have not had the time to do yoga recently, but I have read of multiple benefits that yoga can bring to one’s life. Ultimately, my main reason for conducting an experiment about yoga is to gain full understanding of the stress reduction exercise. This experiment and research project has a cost of zero dollars because I have my own yoga discs, and the online resources are free. My expertise in yoga has been a subject of the past because I have been extremely busy with school, but with this project in mind I will come to realize that twenty minutes of yoga every day is not a waste of time, but a healthy twenty minutes gained.

Final Project Proposal For my final project I want to research the psychological benefits of doing yoga because over the past few weeks I have been extremely stressed out, and I believe that doing yoga can minimize my stress. Notably, I believe that stress has severe consequences on a psychological level, and yoga can help to diminish those psychological…

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