The Psychological And Biological Factors Of Social Media Addiction

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Social media has quickly become intertwined into our society’s daily routine. Gone are the days when we would have face to face discussions, about everything and anything, in turn creating lifelong friendships. This current generation is much more willing to hide behind the computer trying to create connections through the veil of the Internet, specifically social networking sites. With millions of people from all over the world, connecting with each other through social media, it is no wonder why so many are drawn to social media. But as with anything we enjoy, too much of a good thing can become a hindrance in our lives, maybe even an addition. The psychological and biological factors behind social media use could help explain social media addiction and how social media addiction could affect people’s mental health and attribute to isolation from society. By the early 2000’s having internet had become commonplace, and social media started to soar in popularity especially with the creation of Myspace. Myspace was the first social media profile website, inspiring the creation of Facebook (Terrel, Keith). Since Facebooks creation in 2004, it has become the most well-known social media site today with over a billion users. In 2006 with the development of smartphones the popularity of texting had risen significantly, leading to another well-known social media outlet with over 500 million users called Twitter which allows users to communicate in short bursts of information…

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