Excessive Government Control

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Each and every government has their own way of controlling their citizens, some of the time, governments use excessive force to scare their citizens into compliance. There are many horror stories of governments torturing their citizens with methods of water boarding, caning, the death penalty, electric chairs, and taking away citizens rights to gun ownership as a punishment. With these methods governments are desensitizing their own citizens; making these controlling methods common and okay. Each government has its own laws and regulations about the fine lines between torture and interrogation, but do these regulations keep the morals of the citizens within the nation? Every citizen has their own rights that includes the right of life and the right to bear arms. Where does the government limit their power and who has the right to go against these regulations? With these questions a citizen must ask himself or herself if the government has set up sound regulations against torture. Countries that use excessive government force are unacceptable, because these methods are used as torturing tactics for prisoners, controlling citizens, and taking away human rights. …show more content…
All throughout history, governments have their own ways of controlling their citizens mostly through force. The reason that governments use force against their own citizens is to terrorize them into good behavior. Without the threat of citizens rebelling against the government, the leaders are more secure in their position. As the countries started to develop, the citizens realized that they were being treated wrongly and were at a disadvantage, which started the movement for more human rights. Once more, strict rules were put against torturing and less people were tortured for small

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