The Pros And Cons Of Voting

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With many different methods for voting, the paper ballot is the best voting technology method. Voters record their choices by marking the boxes next to their choice and then drop it into a sealed ballot box. Paper ballots are easily understood, inherently voter verified, and allow each voter to vote only once. Other voting technology methods have many disadvantages. For example, electronic voting machines are digital disasters, cause jammed phone lines, have blocked access, and allow for hacking, viruses, and fraud. Both punch card and optical scan voting technology methods create difficulties in ascertaining voters’ intentions. Either the hole is not punched completely or a mark is not erased completely making it hard to decipher the correct answer. Finally, the lever machine is expensive, creates storage and …show more content…
This number may not seem like a surprise, but it is higher than the percent of registered voters voting in past elections. Voters complain of difficulties in voting including being too busy, forgetting to vote, or transportation problems. Having a voting app would solve many of these problems. Once registered, voters would be given an ID and password to use once they have downloaded the app. On Election Day, voters would receive a notification if they have not voted yet to vote. For phones that have the fingerprint scanner, voters would have to provide their fingerprint to be able to vote. There is the problem of someone else completing the ballot, so the app would either take a picture or scan the person’s face before, during, and after they vote on phones with a front facing camera. This would verify that the correct person voted, the person only votes once, and if someone else voted for them their vote would be cancelled. Many Americans carry their cell phones everywhere they go, so it would be convenient for them to use if they could not make it to a polling

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