Voting Rights In The 15th Amendment

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Voting is one of the first rights we look forward to do when we turn eighteen years old. Votings is a huge part of running a successful democratic government.There are currently 5 amendments that deal with voting rights in our country. The first voting amendment was in 1886 and that was the 15th amendment. The latest amendment that dealt with voting was the 26th amendment and that was during the Vietnam war time era. Our country 's cultural lifestyle has changed drastically in the past twenty years. We should be starting to look at resolving some amendments that should be updated to our generation 's time period and make the country have better voting outcomes. The federal government should change voting laws so citizens start to vote more. …show more content…
In today’s society we have all kinds of jobs that require us to leave our hometown that we are living in to go on a business trip of some sorts. We should develop a law that allows us to extend our voting regions. Many people do not go vote because they are out of town the days of elections and simply can’t vote because we are designated only one place only to go vote. If the government would keep track of all the citizens personal data like our name, birthdate, and social security number. They could make all of our state identification cards swipe into a system to let them know we are a registered voter and are able to vote when we go to cast our ballot. Also with swiping our cards they would know where we were voting at. Also they could incorporate ways of only being able to vote for so many issues. If they gave us a limit people would choose wisely on what to use their vote for. There should not be voting regions where we can only go vote. Just because we don’t live in a certain region should not stop us from being able to vote on what 's going on if it would pertain to us in some way. Why shouldn’t a citizen be able to vote on an issue that is going on in another state. We could see a huge increase change in the number of people that are going out and voting if there would be no select voting

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