Disadvantages Of Unionization

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The Issue
As a company facing a union organizing campaign, what you do or say during a union organizing drive is critical (NFIB, 2014). Knowing what you can and cannot say or do during a union organizing campaign puts you and the company in a far better position to face a possible union organizing campaign. Becoming familiar with the union organizing process and knowing your rights is an important part of running a successful business. Listed below, are the pros and cons of a union-free environment, the pros and cons of a unionized environment. To wrap it all up information about what authorized actions for managers and actions that are prohibited by management during a union organizing campaign.
Advantages of Unionization
There are advantages
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One of the biggest disadvantages to having a unionized workforce is higher wages therefore the company’s labor costs will rise (Berta, 2009). If the company does not agree with the wages, benefits or workplace rules requested by union members, the union members can legally go on strike. Additionally an employer is not allowed to fire a striking worker. Needless to say, a strike costs money from lost production and looks bad publically. A union gives the company less control over human resources for example if the company promotes on merit, that will likely change because unions typically promote on seniority. Same goes if the company needs to terminate a number of employees, you must terminate the most recently hired not the least productive. Listed below is a summary of the biggest disadvantages of having a union in the …show more content…
“them” hostility between management and workers.
Unions can decrease the flexibility of both the employer and employee in negotiating wages, benefits, and other items. Dual working families often want to customize work hours and location as well as fringe benefits (Unions, 2003). Unions tie the hands of both employer and employee in these situations.
Managers Authorized Actions
Managers can explain the disadvantages of union membership, including union dues, and loss or work from strikes. As well as inform the worker about union shops. A union shop is when the employee must either join the union or pay union dues in order to remain employed. Additionally, the employer can inform its employees that if a union is voted in that the management can no longer make decisions about compensation or working conditions on an individual basis. During a union organizing campaign an employer may:
• When non-employee union supporters appear at the workplace and disrupt the work environment, employers have a right to maintain order.
• If a union representative tries to interfere with employees performing work, the employer has the right to order them to leave and even to call the police and report the activity as

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