The Pros And Cons Of The United Automobile Workers

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There are certain characteristics that distinguish older workers from other groups of workers. The Sloan Center report that was availed in the year 2009, for example, indicates that the older workers are more productive compared to their young counterparts (MAERTZ, WILEY, LeROUGE, & CAMPION, 2010). The report also states that older employees are more reliable than the young and they have a high degree of loyalty. It has also been noted that job performance usually becomes better with age, and the older employees, therefore, show high levels of job performance when compared to their young counterparts. The con of their high levels of job performance is that such groups of employees will require low levels of training in the course of them meeting organizational objectives. The employees can alternatively be used to train other employees where they will instill their high level of technical know-how and job skills that will be beneficial to such group of employees.
A different aspect is on how firms can attract such a group of employees in their organizations. It can be stated such that older employees will not be necessarily by a good pay but rather, they will need to have observable methods through which an organization is carrying out its’ functions.
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The emergence of social media and the most effective technological advances can be leveraged upon by the union to ensure collaboration among the employees. The union will have to use the internet for external communication with the members of the employees it is representing (Sronce & McKinley, 2006). Social networking can also be used to improve collaboration among the employees where they will be encouraged to communicate the factors that are affecting them at the workplace and their individual views of hat need to be done as means of mitigating the respective

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