Student Safety In Schools

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Lastly, the school needs to keep assessing the plan to make sure the plan will continue to be successful. If the schools were to install the SARA program it would help them because instead of just punishing something a student did and then continuing on, the school can actually find out how to prevent the crime. By installing this program the teachers and schools would be making sure the students continued to learn not only from their classes but also from their mistakes. Also by installing the SARA program the school would help to ensure the safety of the other students who are affected by the actions of other students. This is why by installing these problem solving programs helps the schools to ensure student safety. Though installing …show more content…
The first place schools have eliminated as a possible hiding spot is lockers. “In San Diego, students are reporting to new schools built without lockers, eliminating what school officials say is the most common hiding place for guns” (Celis, 1). This quote says, lockers are the “most common hiding place for guns” (Celis, 1) and by eliminating lockers it eliminates the possibility of a firearm ending up in school. By doing this the schools are helping to ensure other students will not harm other students using a firearm. “And in Charlotte, N.C., students in some schools will not be able to carry book bags from class to class” (Graham,1). The second thing schools have done is to install no back-pack policy. The schools did this because firearms can easily be hidden in back-pack. To make sure students are safe in school, the schools eliminated the use of back-packs. Another solution schools have decided to try in order for students to be safe is the installation of “metal detectors, security forces and locker inspections” (Graham, 1). The schools have been installing “metal detectors” (Graham, 1) to detect guns, knives and other weapons. The schools wanted to do this in order to keep the students safe from other students or faculty bringing weapons to school. Thus ensuring student …show more content…
First negative views is “Metal detectors, security forces and locker inspections have only made a dent in that number, school officials across the country say” (Celis, 2). Though by installing metal detectors in schools has reduced the number of firearms in schools it has not eliminated the issue of firearms in school. This causes the school to still be unsafe for students. “Principal at Sheldon High School was criticized for tearing out all the student lockers as a precautionary measure” (Celis, 2). Because this principal decided to tear out the lockers at a school having problems with firearms in their school he was criticized by parents. By doing what he did his school may have students leaving the school because parents do not agree with the measures the school is taking in order for their children to be safe. Though suspending or threat of suspension is a good idea in some cases it is not always the solution. “"Essentially, they 're on the streets," the superintendent said. "That is a concern. But the school system 's first concern has to be providing safe schools” (Celis, 3). This is saying though the school is concerned about the suspended students, it is not as important as the students in school. If the school does not do something with the students who were suspended when the

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