The Pros And Cons Of The Fur Industry

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Fur has always been the ultimate “fabric of desire”. People around the world have been purchased and favored fur clothes in many centuries ago, but not until recently, the demand for fur clothes are extending higher than ever. According to Robert Burke, founder of the luxury consultancy in New York, “Fur has always been a hot-button issue in fashion, and now more than ever because the consumer has the ability to research and decide for themselves where they want to stand”, he also added up to his point that “it is really the one area where money and ethics converge in fashion”. Although the numbers of people who want to have a fur coat is increasing, shocking facts and controversial opinions surrounding that issue are equally growing. Take …show more content…
It was not until when people started to realize how horrific it is to make fur clothing, the ugly truths about the fur industry are revealed. Fur industry is not only a threat to our environment and wildlife, it is also contributing to higher energy costs, pollution, land destruction, and reductions in populations of wild animals, including endangered and threatened species who may be accidentally trapped and killed. There are numerous ways for people to keep themselves cozy that does not require killing innocent creatures and sadly, millions of animals are killed every year in order to fulfill the demand of fur clothing that are able to keep people warm during the cold winter, from fashion designers to celebrities and most of the time, normal consumers. Despite the fact that furs were considered a beautiful and feminine version of clothing by many women and it is incredible how a fur coat is able to operate as a gendered symbol of luxury in popular culture, killing an animal to make a coat, handbag or even shoes is still a sin because those creatures should not be harmed for clothing purposes, that was not what they meant to be and human like us have no right to take their natural covering from them and claim them as a material for our …show more content…
Actress Doris Day once said, “It is unethical for humans to turn animal fur into coats” (Doris Day, 2000) However, fur is still widely used in the fashion industry. Fashion designers embedded them on coats, hats, boots and accessories such as handbag and purse nowadays. Those designers also use fur very frequently in their collection with different colors and trims to attract the buyers. The fur industry ignoring such fact that thousands of animals are killed for their fur, they draw a vision where “fur’s texture and color enhance our relatively hairless human body” (Carol Cloos, 1999) and consumers are able to feel more confident about themselves just by wearing fur

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