Should Students Be Allowed To Grade Teachers Essay

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The topic I chose to argue about is should students be allowed to grade their teacher or professor’s teaching style and attitude the same way they are graded as a student in a classroom. Some teachers may look at this idea as silly because they feel as though teaching is a lifestyle and they actually get paid for it. Not only is it a lifestyle but the student needs the teacher in order to progress through school to receive the type of education they would like. Another reason is teachers may feel as though since they were professionally educated on how to teach other people why should they be graded by someone who does not have much experience? After all they are pro’s at what they do on the daly basis. Some people also argue that some teachers …show more content…
On the flip side this could expose a lot of the terrible teachers and show schools what type of people they should and should not hire. Just because you have a degree in education does not necessarily mean you are cut out to be a good teacher. Another reason teachers should get evaluated is because even though they teach well, they can not control their students in the class. Some students may have behavior problems but their education is important. I feel as though that it is up to the teacher to find a teaching style that grasps some of the ill mannered children’s attention so they will not be as prone to act up. After all teachers are educated pro’s at what they do. Earlier in this essay I stated that some people feel as though students should not be able to grade their teacher because of their maturity level which is true but what about the teacher’s maturity level? A few times while in highschool and while in college i recall overhearing a teacher telling a student that even though they turn in all of their work on time and also makes good grades, they will still hold them back or fail them until they personally see fit that they can move

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