Does Religion Play A Role In Today's Society

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The topic of religion can be a sticky one. Religion for most people sets their base beliefs and affects at least some of the standards that they live their life by. Challenging these sacred values can be dangerous because it arguably stands against someone 's core virtues they live by and cater to. Although these waters a treacherous, it’s imperative to question anything and everything about a religious system. Why would we not ask questions about something that so many blindly follow? Personal experience plays a role, so this will stay limited mostly to the Christian Church. Religion, especially Christianity, punishes individuals for entirely natural acts, creates false perceptions of knowledge, and builds boundaries between people. One …show more content…
Having some semblance of worldly education creates a sense of sure footing and assurance that you are completely aware of your surroundings. It is thought that the world’s religions were created so that everyone had a better grasp on the things around them. If people had answers to incredibly large questions, the overwhelming feeling of being insignificant lessened. While that’s all fine and good for the old generations, today’s society is making large progressions in the science fields. We are just beginning to comprehend subjects like the origin of life on Earth and the universe. Despite the massive amount of information that is flowing right to the hands of everyday people, religion still reigns supreme over the general population. People vehemently defend creationism while simultaneously making empty claims against evolution. Any reputable scientist agrees that all the evidence points towards natural selection. So why do people continue these baseless practices? The answer is fear. Humans have a natural instinct to resist change. This practice has been done for generations, why fix what isn’t broken? Tradition and social obligation strangles the everyday subjects of religion whether they realize it or not. Christianity tells people that the deadliest sin is turning your back on Jesus. Many are under the impression that they will spend eternity experiencing the worst pain imaginable in hell for disloyalty. These are plain and simple fear tactics that people today think are justified under their illusion of knowledge, the terror of social pressure, and

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