The Pros And Cons Of Professional Journalism

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According to Hess and Stephen, the media revolution is changing the whole field of journalism and its ethics. This transformation in media industry is irreversible and very core. It is the citizens that currently dictate the means of publishing, internet has brought new forms of journalism that is very fast and much interactive. The media industry is evolving at a very fast speed. There is currently wider sharing of journalistic space ranging from professional journalist to bloggers to citizen journalist including social media users.
In the midst of every change, new trends will keep emerging while the old markets are being driven out of industry. Professional journalism has suffered a lot since majority of the audience have migrated online.
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For example if an individual is sharing the pictures of the universe with public, the question will arise on whether there are principles violated because it will be less of ethics problem if someone is not in business of trying to produce science with the images. But because images do have documentary evidence, ethical considerations will thus come into play. It appears simple. For example the distinct qualities of long-conduct with astrophotography make it [possible to record objects and aspects of the pictures that are generally invisible to human vision. It is there but with human eye we can’t visualize it. Some details of photography can hugely faint with low contrast. Someone would manipulate this faint to make the original more visible, that could be ethically acceptable to photographer. However, if the photographer adds to the image something that didn’t appear in the original then it would have crossed the boundary from a documentary art form into a fictional one. Depending on the intention this could either be right or wrong. If your purpose is to portray a scene as truthful, then it 's not OK. If your purpose was to create fiction, or "art", then it is OK. You just have to be up front and tell the viewer what you are doing in either

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