The Pros And Cons Of President Barak Obama

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For many years, the Americans looking discrimination have viewed as different.
Americans’ thought that a woman can be president has gradually increased.
By Yougov website research, today, 66% of men and 67% of women say the U.S is ready for female president. This is enormous changes by comparison in 2007. In 2007, only over half of Americans said to ready to vote a woman as president.
But, now, many Americans think comfortable with the idea between woman and man in the important roles in politics. There is no reason why female cannot be president of the U.S anymore.

Broken Berlin wall led unification of Germany.
Today America president Barak Obama broke the barrier which African-American can 't be the president in U.S.
He broke that
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breaking the barrier which blocks African-American or woman to enter into society, a member of U.S politic is changed.
Therefore, it is a one of the factors that Barak Obama could be the first
African-American president.
Actually, according to the result of a ballot counting, that he is African-American was helpful when he became the president in U.S. because 48% of American advocated him but 66% of Latino and 98% of
African-Americans advocated him.
According to the result of the ballot counting about Americans and Latino, racism about African-American doesn 't exist in U.S anymore.
Like this, seeing at example of Barak Obama, a fact which she is a woman can 't block that she can be the president in U.S if she fulfill sufficient qualification to be the president.

There is a growing proportion of female politicians in the 21st century.
Unlike the previous, level of women 's education increases and women 's political interest also increases. Accordingly, the political advancement of women has increased. There are 14 women in 2014 as president or as prime minister in the world.
Look at the fact that the emergence of several female political leaders in the international
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Including Geun-hye Park who is the Korea’s first female leader, There have been many instances in which Dilma Rousseff in 2011 in Brazil, Joyce Banda in 2011 in Malawi, Crisstina Fernandez in 2007 in Argentina, Atifete Jahjaga in 2011 in Kosovo were president. So, the word “female president” isn’t the word of a dream any longer. For example, There is one of female presidents who is president in Korea, Geun-hye Park. Park used to be one of famous members of the National Assembly, and Park had haven more places in Korean politics. In Korea, like America’s case, There have been discriminated against women clearly from remote antiquity. Before she was president, she lost the Saenuri party, which is one of widely known political parties in Korea, nomination in 2007. When Geun-hye Park ran for president, many Koreans had a question that they doubt if a woman can be president. In 2007, when Geun-hye park tried to be president, Many people in Korea thought that It is too early to elect a female president, and Park lost the election. But, in 2012, She was recorded not only first woman president, but also first holding a majority president, first president who has a background in natural science or engineering, and first unmarried

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