The Pros And Cons Of New Jersey's Civil War

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2016 has been filled with vicious rivalries: Black Lives vs. Blue Lives, Vote Leave vs. Stronger In, Clinton vs. Trump, but none can top the 160-year-old battle which continues to ravage the homeland of Wawa, bagels, and Bruce Springsteen. Not all speak up, but all have an opinion; some even consider this contention to be New Jersey’s own Civil War. Each side is deeply devoted, unwaveringly loyal, prepared to fight for their cause, taking their conviction to the grave. Starting in 1865, this state-wide conflict has consumed the minds of all New Jerseyans: Pork Roll or Taylor Ham? Although many believe that Taylor Ham is the proper term for the divine meaty goodness, I oppose. Pork Roll is the correct term for New Jersey’s home meat because …show more content…
Generally sold in 1, 1.5, or 3 pound packages, rolls of pork are assembled in a cotton bag ( Each cardboard box contains either 4, 6, or 8 slices, depending on the desired thickness per customer (fewer slices for greater thickness, and vice versa). For customer convenience, the meat is cut into circular slices, ready to be placed on a pan or grill. The multiple slices found in each container are stacked in a roll formation, verifying that Pork Roll is the correct term. Also, Pork Roll is made to fit round rolls, doubling the roll effect. If the meat was packaged like bacon is, Pork Roll would be an incorrect term, but its shape only supports the Pork Roll cause. Because of its roll structure and assembly, Pork Roll is the correct term for New Jersey’s popular meat …show more content…
Like the American Civil War, your geographic location may determine your opinion of this mighty conflict. Even President Barack Obama refuses to get involved in the Pork Roll vs. Taylor Ham dispute; what he sees, what we all see, is that this is more than a childish disagreement, more than a petty dispute, and more than an immature quarrel: it is a lifestyle. Maybe one day this conflict will be settled; I hope to live long enough to see the Garden State unite as one. I have a dream that one day, children from Sussex county and Monmouth county will be able to eat together without worrying about the other’s meat selection. I pray that New Jersey will become one state, under God, indivisible, with Taylor Ham and Pork Roll for all. I long to see the day where us New Jerseyans “meat” in the middle, accept our differences, and appreciate the glorious breakfast meat which some call Taylor Ham, others Pork

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