The Pros And Cons Of NFL Football Concussions

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The NFL is a monstrous business. Last year the league brought in 7.24 billion dollars that was split between all thirty-two teams and the NFL office. The money brought in is because of the fans that are tuning in every week. Last year, 2015, seven out of the twenty most watched programs were NFL football and two more were NCAA football games The Super Bowl led the way in viewers with 114.4 million people tuning in to see the conclusion of the 49th season of the NFL Football and the NFL are so popular that Super Bowl …show more content…
The brain is surrounded by fluid in the skull. A concussion occurs when the head is impacted really hard. The brain will smash around the skull causing damage. A concussion is a brain bruise. A concussion can cause loss of brain cells and can realize chemicals into the brain. Concussions are often called “mild” so they aren’t life threatening, but they can cause serious issues. Concussions can cause Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE. The NFL on March 15, 2016 the NFL realized a statement declaring that there is a connection between football and CTE. CTE is a disease where brain trauma such as concussions causes degeneration of brain tissue. The tissue in the Brain decreases causes the body to fight back and release a protein called Tau. Over time the Tau proteins start to grip the brain causing symptoms such as memory loss, confusion, impulse control problems, aggression, and depression. CTE has been a growing problem. Boston University did a study on deceased football players finding shocking numbers that 87 out of the 91 brains they conducted research on had the disease With the NFL officially coming out and connecting CTE to football and with movies such as Will Smith’s “Concussion” the NFL, it’s billions …show more content…
There are the most common now days especially with big Running Backs and Quarterbacks. The NFL has started to shift over to “nontraditional” Quarterbacks and Running Backs. The facilities that are available to the players enable them to become bigger, faster, and stronger than ever. Defenders often feel like they have to go high to make sure that these players are a bit timid by coming into their zones, and now they are being flagged for it and even fined. The most glaring example of Unnecessary Roughness happened last year in the Wild Card game involving Cincinnati Bengals Linebacker Vontaze Burfict and Pittsburgh Steeler’s Wide Receiver Antonio Brown. The game was being nationally broadcast on CBS so the world was able to see. Antonio Brown ran a slat and the ball was overthrown. Brown jumped up for the ball, and as he was falling Burfict lowered his helmet into Brown’s. Brown instantly went unconscious and his body went limp and he flopped to the turf. This is when the world quit going against the rule changes. More often than not fans complain about rule changes and they say how the game is becoming less and less like football, but the hit on Brown ended all of that. The Unnecessary roughness was called. It is for the protection of the players. The Defenders are often fined for these hits and even in the case of Burfict have to sit out some games because of their

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