The Pros And Cons Of My Early Life

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What defines a person? Life has many ups and downs, positives and negatives, and unfortunately my early life had a few more negatives as opposed to positives. The biggest negative in my life was being bullied at a young age and the struggle to overcome it. Being bullied showed me that I can prove everyone wrong and no one person or persons opinion can or should define me and my future no matter the pain it caused. The early years were rough with minor name calling, but the real heavy hitters came at about 4th grade and just escalated until the end of 6th grade. But by the summer going into my 7th grade year I realized that I am a better person than all the people who were low enough to bully and I began to transition to tuning them out and I eventually realized that it all finally came to …show more content…
Once I got to 4th grade my weight increased probably more than it should have but I felt that there was nothing I could do to prevent or help it, which then lured the bullies in to basically try and hurt me. It wasn’t even a full month into school and the name calling was in full swing and hit me harder than ever. Recess was a living hell for me and it got to the point that I requested to stay in the office until it was time to return to class. People thought my mom or dad knew and asked for that but they didn’t know anything that was going on because I put on a fake smile whenever I came home and stayed in my room for the most part. Everything that was done for me as far as staying in the office during recess and eating lunch alone was all my doing with no questions asked because I did not want anyone to know and I just wanted to be alone away from

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