The Pros And Cons Of Recruiting

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During my time as a recruiter, there were many times when people left jobs shortly after starting, because they ended up hating the company.

Likewise, as a business coach I hear similar stories from individuals wanting to leave the corporate world to work for themselves. They took a job and now they hate it. They are desperate to leave and feel building a business is the way out.

Often times these scenarios could have been completely avoided had they asked some very important questions during the initial job interview. People tend to forget this, but a job interview is just as much about a candidate feeling out a company as it is about a company feeling out a candidate.

Additionally, it’s not like hiring managers and recruiters will tell you everything up front - you have to actually do
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One of the biggest complaints I heard as a recruiter - and still hear as a business coach - is people feeling stagnate at their jobs. They know they should be making more money and have more responsibility, but there’s no sign of growth in sight.

Again, not every company operates the same way here - especially after the recession. It used to be that you’d get a promotion every year - at least in the really big companies. Now many are finding that it’s better to quit their jobs and negotiate a higher salary elsewhere than to stick around for a raise that may never come. However, that doesn’t mean it’s still not possible to grow within the same company.

Feeling stagnant is just another scenario that can be avoided if you clearly ask about growth opportunities before taking the job. Try and find out how often evaluations happen, how often promotions are given and what the process is for these kinds of things.

You could even ask something like “How do you see this position evolving in the next X years?” and it will surely give you some important clues you’ll need to know.

What characteristics are needed in order for me to succeed at this

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