The Pros And Cons Of Immigration And Illegal Immigration

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Immigration and illegal immigration are two separate things. Both of which are often misused when discussing immigration reform. According to an article written by Micah Issitt and Andrew Walter we find the definition of these terms; “Immigration refers to the movement of persons from one nation or region to another with the purpose of seeking permanent residence. While illegal immigration is defined as an individual who remains in a nation beyond the limits of his or her legally granted time period, or an individual who enters a nation without permission.” When using the word illegal many people argue that you cannot label a person as illegal or call them an alien, both of which I agree with but their actions can be labeled as so just like …show more content…
We should instead base our words and actions on what is the right thing to do not what would please everyone else. Honesty should be held above all else not the fake talk that the people want to hear. That kind of action will get us nowhere, only putting of the issues at hand until we finally have the courage to speak the truth and say what needs to be said. There are many different aspects to consider when discussing immigration reform such as the concepts of amnesty, a path to citizenship, boarder control, influence on economics in the country, relation to terrorism, and limits on immigration for population control just to name a few. We have found that “Historically, nations have imposed restrictions on immigration based on xenophobia -- the fear of alien or “other” cultures -- or to protect political, economic or ethnic dominance” (Issitt). This is one idea that is a great concern; the blending of other cultures may put fear into some who believe the American culture should be the sole one practiced here in the United States. With the American population being a mix of people from different countries already it presents the question that what exactly is American culture. I believe that many of those who do choose to come to America will buy into the idea embracing the American culture whatever it may be. Looking at the book Oscar found a form of this when he was watching television and the show told him about how the man on the show had adapted to American culture, “At some point you have to consciously choose your identity, and I chose to be an American kid,… for the next forty-eight years, I didn’t focus on my heritage.” As long as immigrants live by this lifestyle I feel that they have demonstrated all that this country really wants from any of its

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