Killing Wild Animals Analysis

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When there is an animal put in danger or suffering it causes controversy. Discussion of the meat industry, hunters, and cloning. All these things are put under stress when people start to discuss them. And that is what Simon Andler argues about. Andler is the producer of Radiolab, he talks about stories like Rhino Hunter ever day to get the word out to people around the world. He found out about the topic of Rhino Hunters in Salt Lake City at a pass hunting expo. Andler then describes this as “the Superbowl of hunting”. Soon after he goes on about how hunters go and execute (for a fee) aggressive and harmful endangered animals to help the progression of extinction become less and less each and every year. The fee they pay is not a simple ten …show more content…
“Killing wild animals, so they can be looked after absolutely sends the wrong message.” (Leakey, Rhino Hunter)Rhinos are not meant to be friendly, they are not meant to be huggable, and they are definitely not meant to be killed. You are killing something that can not think for its actions or for knowing what it is wrong and what is right. Knowlton talks about how a Black Rhino killed another rhino and killing a young one soon after and then describes how a different Rhino tried to mate with a female who was under age and not in heat. At first, she was shrugging him off, but then he finally forced it and started to mate with her. He was describing it like if the Rhino was knowing its actions as if he knew what he did was wrong. He made it seem if they had minds like us humans do. We think and feel and know, whereas these rhinos all they know is to eat, drink, poop and are meant to mate. They showed that ever since they legalized killing endangered species it has increased to 80% more survival rate(Knowlton, Rhino Hunter). Knowing the program is working, but is it the proper way to handle this? Nature needs to run its course, humanity can not control the effects of nature. If it is going endangered then there is a reason. Rhinos are meant to cause harm to other rhinos, it is normal. It

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