The Importance Of Health Care Reform

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With this health care reform, many medically needy citizens can now afford health insurance without paying the sky high cost. On the other hand, the Marketplace plans are not so affordable to those citizens who are in good health. Many people are complaining of high annual deductibles that they have to meet before they can use their “affordable” insurance. “If you have to pay $5,000 upfront, you might as well not have any insurance at all. That’s not insurance”, said Larry Shapire. (Nussbaum, 2013, para. 4).
This law has contributed to health care professionals’ shortage. Many doctors and hospitals opt out of these Obamacare exchange plans which leave members with limited access to health care. For example, working in a doctor’s office,
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Doctors who take government health plans (Medicare, Medicaid) will have to accept 21 to 43 percent reduction on their payments, which is already 20 to 40 percent less than what private insurance pays (Matthews, 2015, para. 2 & 6). Consequently, the medical practice where I work at and others I known of has stopped accepting new patient covered under these plans. Medicaid insurers are having a hard time finding a primary doctor and if they do it’s still tough to find a specialist to their medical needs. Millions Americans are now insured under Medicaid, but who is going to treat …show more content…
The purpose of the law is to improve the quality of care and delivery, but instead it has done the opposite, in my opinion. Doctors are on a time crunch through appointments to see more patients in order to keep their current income due to the reimbursement cuts. They also have to spend time more on paperwork to comply with the new law requirements, which mean less time to spend with patient. The changes in policies and regulations in the purpose of reducing health care fraud and payments for unnecessary care; contrarily, it has slow down the care delivery process. Based on my nine year experience in the healthcare industry, Medicaid and Medicare’s patients are the ones demand the most care. However, doctors find it hard to provide timely care to these patients the law requires pre-authorization for many procedures and medications. In addition, patient covered under Medicaid has experience adequate to care even before the law became effective, this is due to the low reimbursement rates paid by the government. So does reducing the reimbursement rates, which is one of the factor contribute to health care provider shortages will create a better access to care for these

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