What Are The Pros And Cons Of Guns On Campus

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In the article “Guns on Campus: More Harm than Help,” the USA Today Editorial Board addresses the downsides of allowing licensed faculty, students, and staff to carry concealed guns on campus. The author’s position on this issue is conclusively against passing the laws that would allow guns on campus. Examples of the stance the author has is found throughout the article. In paragraph two, “A proposal with a good chance of passage in gun-friendly Texas would allow professors and students 21 and older to carry handguns on campus as long as they have a state permit to carry a concealed weapon. The idea is to deter attackers such as the one who killed 32 people at Virginia Tech in 2007, and send a message to criminals that they can’t expect …show more content…
Theft of guns and then being sold to unlicensed individuals to use for heinous crimes is a valid thought. Guns falling into the wrong hands is always a consideration. Guns in the wrong hands could lead to accidental shootings if the person isn’t properly trained to handle a gun. Campus suicide could possibly increase as a person dealing with high stress and psychological issues would have easy access to a gun. With the high rate of drinking on university campuses, a common fight could lead to a deadly fight with guns available. With bullying already a problem, a gun in the wrong hands could be a dangerous situation. The author states in the article, “One reason legislators in most states have rejected guns-on campus laws is probably because most were once college students themselves and can remember the binge drinking, drug taking and bad judgement common at an age when science says brains haven’t yet fully developed and the propensity for risky behavior is at its highest.” This is a valid point and further credits my example that guns in the wrong hands could be dangerous and deadly. Every issue and debate has valid pros and cons and for both sides of the argument. The cons do not convince me that allowing guns on campus is a bad

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